Lil Poopy is a 9 year old rapper with ties to French Montana and his Coke Boys crew. The child rapper whose real name is Luie Riviera, is known for the suggestive videos for his remixes of Montana songs such as "Pop That" and "Stay Schemin'". Said videos have given Child Welfare officials reason to investigate the boy's father.

Possible instances of child abuse or neglect in the home are to be investigated, as per request by the Police in Brocktown, Massachusetts. The video for "Pop That" appears to be the primary motivator for the investigation, which depicts Riviera slapping a woman's behind, participating in sexually suggestive dances, and performing in the presence of a Champagne-flaunting French Montana.

His father's lawyers claim that there are absolutely no laws being broken in the video, and the child is simply taking advantage of his god-given talent. Poopy reportedly earns close to $7500 per show, which once again raises the question of whether the child is being exploited.

On top of the videos, Lil Poopy has also released a full mixtape titled Coke Ain't A Bad Word.

View the video for "Pop That" below. Does it qualify as abuse?