Back in 2015, Philadelphia rapper Freeway was diagnosed with kidney failure and forced to receive emergency dialysis. Now, Free has finally received some good news. It would appear that he's found a matching, healthy kidney donor, and has since checked into a Baltimore hospital for the operation. This morning, Freeway took to Instagram to update his fans on the procedure, thanking them for their support and prayers in the process.

The clip finds Freeway on a hospital bed, right before he's about to "go under." Keeping his spirits high, Free jokes that he's allergic to "haters and broke people," before getting serious. "Alright ya'll," he says. "I know it's been a minute but they about to take me under now. So pray for me man, God willing the surgery go good. I'll see ya'll in like six hours."

As of now, Free's status remains unknown, though we can expect an update by end of day. Hopefully, the surgery was a success, and we're sending our prayers and thoughts to big Freeway. The bearded lyricist has consistently delivered bangers throughout his career, and his Roc-A-Fella debut Philadelphia Freeway remains an essential listen for hip-hop heads. Best of luck, Freeway, and congratulations on the transplant!