The ongoing battle between Freeway Rick Ross and rapper Rick Ross continues. In court yesterday (August 2nd), FreewayRick Ross was ordered to pay a portion of the MMG Bawse's court fees, after he lost the fight for the rights to his own name and image.

The judge presiding over the case ruled that Freeway Rick Ross has to pay $500,000 in attorney and court fees on behalf of Ricky Rozay. Although Freeway Ross' lawyers were arguing that each time Rozay mentioned his name, i.e., on the radio, in print, over the internet-- that was a re-usage of his name which would have extended the statute of limitations.

The real Rick Ross explained the situation to AHH, "We believe that every time he goes on the radio he’s re-using my name, but the judge ruled that it’s one continuous use," Freeway Ricky Ross said. "I believe that those are all re-uses of my name, separate and different from when he started to call himself Rick Ross. They were trying to get me to pay $1.3 million, but she [Judge Miller] knocked it down to $500k."

Rick Ross still has to fork over $800,000 in fees, and Freeway Rick Ross says the battle is not over yet.

"It aint over and it aint never gonna be over until things get straight. I aint gonna stop, I am going to keep going until I get my name back and whatever else I got coming."