If there's anyone who knows about the drug game, it's Ricky "Freeway" Ross. The former Los Angeles kingpin was sentenced to life in prison on charges related to cocaine drug trafficking but in 2009, he was released after his sentence was reduced. The 59-year-old business owner is now making money legally, but Freeway Rick Ross is still aware of how drugs affect the culture. In a recent interview, Freeway talked about how the "War On Drugs" movement isn't as prevalent now and shared why marijuana isn't as much of a focus for authorities as cocaine. 

"Cocaine is more money," Freeway said. "You're talking about bigger money, bigger deals, so where there's money, there's gon' be violence. People want the money. They don't necessarily want the cocaine, although some want the cocaine, some want the money. Anywhere there's a lot of money, there's gonna be violence, and there is some violence related to marijuana but not at the same intensity as the cocaine 'cause the money is not as great and the police don't put as much focus on marijuana as they do as cocaine."

When the subject of Juice WRLD's death came up in conversation, Freeway was asked if a rapper having 70 pounds of marijuana in his possession surprised him. "It do and it don't," Freeway replied. "Because I question these guys having money. A lot of these rappers we see and we look up to and these labels make 'em look rich because they want you to feel like they have money so that you'll think that they're something special. And then you find out that they're selling drugs on the side. The only reason I can see somebody selling drugs on the side of a career if they're not really making money or if they just a damn fool. For somebody to have millions of dollars and start to sell drugs when they never sold drugs before to me would be totally insane." Check out his clip below.