Life is what you make of it. FreewayRick Ross has had a truly legendary life, making over a few million dollars per day at one point. He's been active in the streets and he's put in work in the music and cannabis industries. After being sentenced to life in prison for establishing a major drug empire, Ross' sentence was reduced following an appeal. He ended up spending just under twenty years in prison and according to his latest interview with Shirley Ju for Shirley's Temple, he actually enjoyed his time behind bars.

When asked if he ever got a chance to enjoy all of the money coming in while he was locked up, Freeway said that he did. "I pretty much enjoyed a moment," said the 61-year-old. "Even when I was in jail, I enjoyed being in jail. I enjoyed my time in jail. I mean, not every day, you got good days and bad days no matter where you at. You could be living in the biggest house on the hill and have everything you want. We all gonna have bad days but I learned that bad days are a part of life and that's something that we're gonna go through and it's best just to deal with it and figure out how to get through it."

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The street legend says that every time he was having a bad day behind bars, he would reach for a good book. "[I read] over 300 books," he said. "And I don't know how many magazines and newspapers."

During the same interview, FreewayRick Ross said that Snowfall stole his life story, also accusing rapper Rick Ross of avoiding him

Watch the full interview below and skip ahead to the 3:19 mark for his comments about enjoying his time in jail.