Big Freedia spoke with TMZ about the exchange that led to her inclusion in Drake's "In My Feelings" video. The 8-minute montage features both an intro and outro enacted by Drake and co-conspirator Shiggy. Big Freedia who also made an appearance felt slighted by the rapper when push came to shove. Her vocals were sampled for "Nice For What" yet she wasn't among the women invited earning a spot in the music video. She makes a solid point. If the song is about rewarding strong women for their contributions, how can you overlook a person whose voice you sampled on the record (who happens to be a strong female voice).

Big Freedia says she had to initiate contact with Drake in order to gain clearance. She told TMZ that Drake didn't apologize with words, but through his action (inclusion in "In My Feelings"). Though Freedia appreciates Drake and his gesture of reciprocity, she knows she isn't alone in her frustrations. Her message to those concerned: "The LGBT@ community supports all types of different artists and their music, and we expect the same in return. Her message comes in the wake of Amanda Lepore having her image forcibly removed from Travis Scott's Atroworld cover.