Yesterday, we got wind of a rumor that Gucci Mane might be a free man(e) come July 11th. The 1017 rapper's been incarcerated since September 2013-- first for a probation violation, then for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon-- and although he's been able to drop more music than arguably anyone else during these past 21 months, his presence has been sorely missed in the rap game. More indicative of this than anything is the sheer number of shout outs he continues to get on tracks by other artists. 

Of course, many of these cries to "Free Gucci" come from rappers who were discovered or mentored by him, but his range of influence is so far that even a certain New Jersey crooner calls GuWop his biggest influence. We've catalogued all of the calls to end Gucci's incarceration that've popped up since he went away in Fall 2013-- read on to get a list.