Unfortunately, bouts of bad health can strike anyone at any time. Today, rapper Fredo Santana revealed that he was recently one of those individuals suddenly afflicted with a major illness, suffering from both kidney and liver failure. In a post that he shared on his Instagram profile, he details the horrors of what he's been through and also gave his fans an update on his upcoming album release schedule.

"Been in here since Friday," he began. "Doctor say a n***a had kidney failure an liver failure. I'm getting back to normal." It is a shock to many in the comments section and on other social media platforms, as there was no indication that Fredo was in a state of failing health, nor had he slowed down his music making in order to compensate for any symptoms that could negatively impact him. However, as as result, his next project won't be released as soon as we thought. "Sorry to all my fans turbo bandana will not be dropping tomorrow due to my health issues," he continued. "Thanks for everyone who prayed for a ***a I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy."


An uplifting addition to his hospital stay was a visit from both XXXTentacion and Chief Keef, men he considers not only contemporaries but friends as well. The last non-single release we got from Fredo was his Fredo Kruger 2 mixtape, a 16-track project that boasted features from the likes of Keef, Kodak Black, Lil Reese and more. You can check that tape out here.

His work on that tape abated his fans' thirst for new material slightly, but it's clear that the up-and-coming rapper will need to feed the masses with some additional music. More importantly though, here's wishing Fredo Santana a speedy recovery so that we can continue to enjoy his studio work and potential live performances down the road with him operating at 100 percent capacity health-wise. 

Get well soon Fredo.