The world found out this week that Cardi B and Offset were getting a divorce and Fredo Bang is wasting no time in sliding to the top of her inbox, shooting his shot and asking her out on a date.

Cardi and Offset have not commented on their divorce publicly. Offset has taken to social media to cryptically suggest that he's becoming "Set 2.0" but that's about it for now. As they attempt to end their marriage amicably, settling on joint custody of their baby girl Kulture, Fredo Bang (and probably thousands of other men and women) are jumping at the opportunity to be next in line to steal the "WAP" singer's heart.

The 24-year-old Baton Rouge rapper slid into her DMs with a poem, writing: "Roses Are Red Violets are Blue, Lets Go On a Date Cause I Heard You Single Too."

The message was not read and this is a pretty corny way of shooting your shot but Fredo Bang is hoping it ends up working for him and, honestly, all the more power to him. He saw an opportunity and went for it.

In the comments, people are calling out Fredo for simply doing this for clout, while others are commending him for just going for it.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

How do you see this and do you think he has a chance with Cardi B