We recently caught up with Fredo Bang for the latest edition of Rise & Grind where he shared a hilarious anecdote about the first time he ever metKanye West. It was YNW Melly who brought Fredo to a session after revealing that Kanye West was actually in tune with his music.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"I was calling him to congratulate [YNW Melly] for working with Kanye he like, 'Yeah, I just talked to Kanye about the s***. He messing with the music.' I’m like, 'Yeah?'," Fredo said. 

He went on to meet Kanye West but what happened afterward was an incredibly awkward encounter that left Fredo Bang confused to this day. "So, I see Kanye, I’m walking up in Hit Factory and you know me, I ain’t really no type of person to get fanned out, but this is Kanye. I walk up to Kanye to shake his hand and Kanye tell me, 'Congratulations.' I’m like, 'For what?' And he never said what," Bang recounted. "So, I stopped shaking his hand and then I reached back out to shake his hand again, just on some in the moment type sh**, ‘cause I’m not even thinking."

"He never told me why he congratulated me," he continued. "I was very shaken by that. I ain’t know whether to be happy or sad or something [laughs]."

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