The topic of colorism is a sensitive one in various communities, but Fredo Bang has become a target following comments he made on Vlad TV. The rapper recently sat down for a lengthy interview where he spoke about his incarceration, his homosexual father, living with PTSD, and his lyrical choices. With the latter, Vlad brought up the rapper's song "Famous Crushes" where he mentions JT from City Girls. Fredo admitted that he used her name in the song because it rhymed and in real life, he isn't attracted to dark-skinned women.

Godfrey Colorism
Thos Robinson / Stringer / Getty Images

Vlad relayed the story to Godfrey, and the comedian gave his take on why Fredo Bang would feel that way about women who share his complexion. "It's colorist and it's almost kind of a self-hatred type of thing," Godfrey said. "Maybe growing up he was made fun of for being dark. I know what that's like. And the negativity of dark skin has been around for so long, but a lot of people are breaking that, which is great. I think dark-skinned women are finally getting a little bit of shine."

Godfrey went on to speak about the impact of colorism in the music industry and shared a few controversial statements of his own as he told light-skinned people to "bow down to their originators." Check out the clip from Godfrey's interview below.