Kareem Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs back in November after footage of him kicking and shoving a woman in a Cleveland hotel was released. Hunt's status as an NFL player was put into question but just a few weeks after the Super Bowl, Hunt was given a second chance by the Cleveland Browns. The team's head coach, Freddie Kitchens, was recently asked about the Hunt signing and how he plans to move forward with the player.

"I think we have to have a support system in place, which we do. Kareem has to be willing, has to show remorse [and] be willing to make a change," Kitchens said according to Sports Illustrated. "He's shown us that. He can be in Kansas City or in Cleveland, that doesn't matter. In a lot of ways it's more important for Kareem to make those advances and to evolve into a better person in his hometown. That's where he's going to do the most good."

Kitchens continued by saying that he hopes that Hunt can do some good now that he is being given that second chance: "We'd never justify anything that's happened, but there's some good that can come out of this if he keeps evolving and he keeps doing the things he's supposed to do to become a better person. We'll worry about the football stuff later. Right now we're in the Kareem Hunt business of making him a better person."

The Browns just came off a 7-9-1 season and look poised for a run at the playoffs this year. The NFL has yet to impose a suspension on Hunt for his altercation which breaks league rules.