The murder of Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police rocketed across the nation. As you may recall, the Maryland-native was arrested in 2015 after he began running away from police upon seeing them. The latter resulted in a chase, within which unreasonable force was used to arrest Freddie. The ensuing series of events remains uncertain but resulted in the death of the youngster at the hands of the police. The cause of death was later revealed by medical experts to be linked with a spinal cord injury. The 25-year old's demise sparked the continuing conversation surrounding police brutality and the perpetual killings of unarmed black & brown folks. 

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After the officers involved in the case of Freddie Gray were found not guiltyriots quickly followed and many individuals motioned movements to speak up on Gray's death. Of these individuals, we include the activist group Black Lives Matter, was Freddie's best friend Juan Grant. And unfortunately, recent reports by The Washington Post indicates Grant's passing in Western Baltimore this past Saturday, after being shot to death. 

According to The Post, detectives informed Grant's grandmother that Juan was driving back to her home at about 8 PM after dropping off a cousin. An altercation occurred when Juan collided with a dirt bike and was shot once we got out of the car. Frederina Grant, Juan's grandmother, adds: "I don’t know whether it was to confront this person or to see if this person was okay. Whoever it was just shot him."

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Juan was then taken to the hospital where he died of the fatal gunshot wounds to the head. RIP.