Freddie Gibbs was once grouped with the likes of the Kodak Blacks, XXXTENTACIONs and other rappers who've been accused of sexually abusing women. The rapper was facing rape charges after a woman falsely accused the You Only Live 2wice rapper of sexually abusing her in Austria in 2016. Gibbs was later exonerated of all charges once it was revealed that he was innocent. During a recent conversation with Van Lathan, Gibbs explained that his arrest in Austria hasn't prevented him from believing women who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Mike Windle/Getty Images 

Amid the controversy surrounding Surviving R. Kelly, months-old footage surfaced on Freddie Gibbs discussing the #MeToo movement has surfaced. Even though he himself was accused of committing a sex crime, he's well aware that men are "really out here doing inappropriate shit."

"We a minority... I know that, for sure," he said about men falsely accused of sex crimes. "That's why I don't downplay victims. I didn't come out when that shit happened to me like, 'oh, these bitches lying.' No ni**a, that's not the case. This is an individual situation."

He added, "So I can't relate my situation to everybody else's, you know what I'm saying? Because some people would be like, 'Look at him. He was free.' Like, nah, my n***a. Y'all n***as really be doing some inappropriate shit."

Gibbs continued to explain that he doesn't just mean rape or any sort of intercourse, but also the way decides to interact with women. "If you stalkin' her, beatin' on the door, harassing her, all of that shit. No means no," he said.