Freddie Gibbs wants ALL the smoke with Dr. Umar. 

After Gibbs tried to explain who Dr. Umar is to Mike Tyson on an episode of Tyson's podcast, Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, Umar responded, saying neither Gibbs nor Tyson knew what he was about and ultimately challenged Tyson to get in the boxing ring with him.

Gibbs took exception to that. 

One of the most notorious sh*t talkers in the world, Gibbs had some words for Dr. Umar and let the self-proclaimed internet prophet know that he would make easy work of him.

"Dr. Umar soft as hell. Dr. Umar, he gon' try to pick a fight with Mike Tyson 'cause that's a political move for the internet. But you never said you want to fight Freddie Cain," Gibbs said, sounding more than a little lit. "Mike Tyson ain't gon' fight your fat a**. You fat as f**k, bro. You can not f**k with Tyson." 

Mike Windle/Getty Images

Gibbs switched up for a second and showed love to Dr. Umar but got right back to talking that talk. 

"I got love for Dr. Umar," the Alfredo rapper began. "Dr. Umar, I will whoop your a** in the first round. And I will get high, drunk, on every drug. If they will not drug test me for sure. I will f**k you up. All you gotta do is give me ... I'd need about $5 million to fight you 'cause I got sh*t to do. I got sh*t to do, Umar. You not really worth it, I got love for you, I got Black power for you, n****, but, set it up for $5 million to me and about a million to your school and we get it poppin' baby."

It's unlikely Dr. Umar gets in the ring with the rapper (or Tyson, for that matter) but wow ... what a rant by Freddie Gibbs. He unloaded the clip on Dr. Umar. He insulted him, said he'd whoop his a**, everything. 

Keep an eye out for a response from Dr. Umar but in the meantime, let us know what you think of Gibbs absolutely ethering him down in the comments.