Though it wouldn't necessarily be clear from his hard-nosed persona as Gangsta Gibbs, the irreplaceable Freddie is truly a comedian at heart. True, his music is often rather serious, save for the eighties-sex-symbol cover art and interlude of recent drop Freddie. That doesn't mean he can't let the comedic chops loose in whatever manner he sees fit. Now, taking a page outta such classics as "I'm The Juggernaut Bitch," Freddie has come through to drop off a strange and surreal parody of the hit TGIF lineup, complete with the Gibbs voiceover experience.

"Friday, on Full House," announces Freddie, over footage of the nostalgic sitcom, "Michelle pees in the pool!" He continues, setting his sights on Family Matters, where "Urkel finally fucks Laurel." Finally, the lineup culminates in the mysterious Uncle Fred, which finds the titular character "fucking the hoes." Doesn't sound very plot heavy, though I suppose it might resonate with a certain niche market.

The clip is capped off with Freddie's gravelly rendition of a bastardized Full House theme song. It's not exactly clear what Freddie's intentions are, whether he's simply goofing around or signalling clues toward his next artistic endeavor, but either way, it's nice to see the lighter side of one of hip-hop's most eternally slept-on. Peep that new Gibbs fire right here.