Fans of 03 Greedo are still reeling from the news of his imprisonment. Despite facing up to twenty-years in prison over gun and drug charges, the rapper has vowed to remain prolific in the coming months. News recently broke of Greedo and Lil Uzi Vertmeeting in the studio for an unnamed collaboration, which may or may not appear on one of the thirty albums Greedo is fighting to record. Now, it would appear that another heavy hitter is joining forces with the controversial Greedo. As it happens, said collaborator is none other than Gangsta Gibbs.

With his own Bandana album waiting in the wings, Gibbs has enjoyed a quiet 2018. Last year's You Only Live 2wice was a personal favorite, so hearing what Freddie Gibbs has to say should prove a welcome addition to the already strong release cycle. Now, Gibbs has taken to Instagram to tease a new collaboration with 03 Greedo, captioning the image with "Coming soon to a theater near you. @03greedo x Kane Train." A simple message, but effective all the same.

While Greedo's penchant for arrogant statements have rubbed people the wrong way, the idea that he might be spending twenty years in jail still feels like a defeat for hip-hop. Hopefully the situation is not as dire as Greedo's initial tweets made it out to be.  For now, it's #FreeGreedo as usual.