Coming off the release of his self-titled album a few weeks ago, Freddie Gibbs decided to FaceTime with Ebro on Beats 1 radio Wednesday and talk about the album’s artwork, which was inspired by Teddy Pendergrass, along with his sexual assault accusations, and speaking up for those who are also falsely accused. 

Speaking on the album's artwork, Freddie says he wanted to pay homage to Teddy, and he wanted something to stand out and catch people’s eye on Apple Music.

“I definitely wanted to pay homage,” Freddie said about Teddy’s-inspired artwork. “Music is like if you don't know the past of it or you don't know the future of it you can’t evolve with it. Im so gangsta I didn't need to prove anything to nobody. So I didn't need my album cover to be some hard looking cover. I wanted something that was going to stand out and catch your eye. I got old people listening to this album, and its a whole trap album, but they listening straight off the artwork.”

Freddie also talked about being falsely accused of sexual allegations last year, and now wanting to be an advocate for those who are falsely accused, and for victims who are afraid to speak up.

“We in a time with all this #MeToo stuff and there's a lot of guys getting attacked bro. So I felt like right now I gotta be an advocate for those people that are false accused as well as those victims that are afraid to speak.”

Check out the two interview excerpts (below).