It's a trick often employed in Hollywood whenever Oscar season rolls around. The press tour, the campaigning, the handshaking and baby-kissing. Tried and true tactics, and damned if they don't pay off. While you don't see as much in music, the practices are there-- especially for artists boasting a credible Album Of The Year contender. As Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have exactly that with Bandanayou can bet they're ready to double down on their effort lest it be forgotten by the layman. 

Mike Windle/Getty Images

Today, Gibbs has delivered the first look at he and Madlib's cinematic counterpart to Bandana, appropriately titled Bandana: A Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Film. Featuring high-quality production value, cinematography from Harley Astorga, and spiritual guidance from Quasimoto, the film appears to follow "one of the biggest players retiring to the mountains." Unfortunately, the life of Zebra wrangling and tranquility was never meant to last.

With Oscar-caliber performances from Freddie Gibbs, Silverio Diaz, and Eric Andre, look for the film to arrive if and when Bandana secures a few AOTY awards. But more likely, never. Either way, we're glad this exists all the same.