Freddie Gibbs didn't pull any punches.

The You Only Live 2wice rapper stopped by Desus & Mero this week for a chat and they almost made it through the entire interview without falling to a Jeezy conversation. In fact, Gibbs jokingly chastised the hosts after he saw them skip over a question about the Corporate Thugz Entertainment boss man.

"Why y'all skip over the Jeezy question?" Gibbs said. "I saw that sh*t, n****. I can read the teleprompter." Gibbs went on to say that, while there is no active beef with Jeezy, he remains at least a little sore about their strained relationship. 

"It gotta be beef when it's two, like, real motherf**kers in the equation," Gibbs elaborated. "When it's one motherf**ker that's just, like, [...] I'll whoop yo ass, n***a. F**k with me. F**k Jeezy. Bitch ass n**** [...] when that n**** come on here, ask him about me."

You can watch the entire interview below.