Coming off the release of his Freddie album, Freddie Gibbs made his way by the Real 92.3 studios last week and chopped it up with hosts Cosmic Kev & DJ HED. Sitting down for over 45 minutes, the guys talked about Freddie’s latest album, upcoming project with Madlib, his experience in jail, and more.

In addition to that, Freddie also talked about having been in the studio a lot lately, saying he just put a new studio in his new home and that he’s sitting on multiple projects at the moment.

“I just got a new house. ever since I put my new studio in, I got so many songs. I prolly got like 3 albums ready to go to be honest,” Freddie revealed.

Now whether or not we’ll ever get to hear all that music remains to be seen, but it sounds like Freddie has couple more things on the way other than Bandana with Madlib. When he was teased about dropping another project before the year’s end, Freddie continuously said “no” with a smile on his face, so time will only tell when we’ll get Freddie's next body of work, but there’s plenty of unreleased music in the vault.

Check out the full 45-minute interview (below).