Freddie Gibbs revealed the title of his debut album in a recent interview, and he spoke on working with DJ Drama for a Gangsta Grillz mixtape called Baby Faced Killa.

"[I'm grateful to] DJ Drama for even allowing me to add the Gangsta Grillz brand," Gibbs said. "That's something I always wanted to do. I'm glad I'm doing it now instead of way before. The music I'm making now is really about to make an impact. It's all about timing. I'm glad I didn't do a Gangsta Grillz in '08."

The title of Gibbs' debut album will be The Neck Tie Party. The Gangsta Grillz tape should be dropping next month,  and Gibbs shared that he's waiting on Young Jeezy's okay to release the CTE Compilation.

"CTE World, it's the world. As far as that project, that's on the boss man. As far as Baby Faced Killaz, the Drama tape, that's coming out next month. My album gonna come out too," he continued. "The Neck Tie Party. That's the name of my album, by the way."

Lastly, Gibbs said that his project with producer Madlib is "75 percent done."