Freddie Gibbs's interview with Mike Tyson on Hotboxing With Mike Tyson aired on YouTube this week. The two discussed everything from 2 Live Crew's explicit live shows in the 90s to pondering the outcome of a hypothetical Freddie Gibbs vs. Tekashi 6ix9ineboxing match. However, it was one moment where they were discussing women from the 80s, specifically white actresses from the 80s, that caught the Internet's attention. Gibbs joked that Dr. Umar wouldn't have approved of their discussion about interracial relationships while Mike Tyson admitted to having no idea who Umar was.

"He don't like white people," Gibbs told Tyson before the boxer asked for more details about Umar. "He's just a righteous brother. He got some cool ideas."

"If he got hate -- he can't be cool," Tyson stated.

Word of this conversation got back to Dr. Umar who shared the clip on his Instagram page with the caption on the video reading, "Two brothers discussing Dr. Umar's politics and neither knows what they're talking about."

However, Umar had a bit more to say about the clip than just that. He took to his IG Live where he did state that Tyson was one of his favorite athletes of all time. But, he wanted to see the former boxing legend in the ring. First, he corrected Freddie for joking that he would be mad at them for discussing white women. "Politics is not about emotions. Brother Freddie, politics is not about emotions," he said, before diving into his proposal for a fight against Iron Mike.

"It's time for Mike Tyson and Dr. Umar five rounds," Umar said. "Somebody get Bernard Hopkins on the phone!... Somebody get Floyd Mayweather on the phone! Let's do it. Five rounds: Mike Tyson, Prince of Pan-Afrikanism. FDMG. I'm ready to train." 

Just the idea of Tyson and Dr. Umar stepping into a ring had Freddie Gibbs ecstatic. The rapper took to Twitter shortly after Umar's rant where he posted several reactions to different clips from the live. In one tweet, he shared a gif of his face on Don King's body, referring to himself as Don Kane. 

Check out Gibbs' response below.