Freddie Gibbs has, without a doubt, applied the 50 Cent mentality to his feud with DJ Akademiks. And in all truthfulness, it appears to have had far more detrimental effects than anyone expected. Following a brief back-and-forth on Twitter, Freddie Gibbs made it his mission to torment Akademiks until he lost his job. Though Freddie Gibbs' role in Akademiks' claim that he was terminated from Complex is unclear, the Alfredo rapper seemingly took joy in finding out the news.

Taking to both Twitter and Instagram, Freddie Gibbs not only reacted to news of Akademiks' alleged firing, he also sent a message to Ak on his story. "Akademiks, I heard that you might lose your job. I don't know if that's fact or fiction or it might be a rumor... Ak, look, if you need a job, bitch, my offer still stands," Freddie said before adding that there are conditions.

"Two things gotta be done, hoe ass n***a. We gon' whoop you first and you gotta tell us where the fuck 6ix9ine be hiding at. You a snitch so I know you'll snitch this n***a out," he continued. "I take that back. I don't even wanna know where that n***a at. 'Cause wherever that n***a at, the feds is at. But, aye pussy, ya unemployment gon' kick in. Trump givin' stimulus and small business loans, hoe ass n***a. But we still gon' whoop you."

Of course, Akademiks has yet to respond to Gibbs, though prior to allegedly getting terminated, he offered to have Gangsta G.I. on Everyday Struggle to hash out their differences. That conversation probably isn't happening any time soon, though.