While introverted by modern hip-hop standards, Freddie Gibbs has been quietly holding it down. Both this year and last, Gangsta Gibbs has dropped off two solid projects, with Freddie and You Only Live 2wice. While fans have accepted his offerings with open arms, many have continuously inquired about the status of Bandanathe sequel to Freddie's acclaimed Madlib-produced 2014 album. We've already received confirmation that the album was finished, and while that certainly bodes well, Gibbs was in no immediate rush to drop. 

"I’m done with, you know, that Madlib album so I been sittin' on that," he said, back in July. "I got money. I don't need to put it out yet. I'm good, I'm straight. I could put it out when it's time to put it out... I just wasn't ready yet. I wanted to do something else first." Now, it would appear that things are about to change. A recent exchange between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib make it clear that Bandana is on the horizon. 

In the iMessage conversation, Gibbs reveals that he's heading to Chile for some R&R. "When I get back I'm ready to push go on all this shit," he writes. At the bottom, Gibbs captions the screenshot with a hype-inducing "PART 2." You can currently peep the exchange on Freddie's IG story, at least for now. Ya'll hyped for Bandana?