His latest collaborative project with Madlib, Bandana, may arguably be a contender for Album of the Year, but as Freddie Gibbs's career continues to heat up, his personal life is taking a few hits. According to a report by TMZ, Freddie Gibbs and the mother of his son, Raven Tatum, have been at odds. The relationship has been so contentious that Freddie filed for a restraining order against Raven because she's allegedly been harassing him.

The outlet states that they've reviewed the paperwork that shows Freddie and Raven were involved in an argument last month, and since that time, his ex has been bothersome to both him and his girlfriend. Freddie shares that while he was out of town, he allowed for Raven to stay at his home because she told him that hers was flooded and inhabitable. He didn't mind the arrangement until he saw on a baby monitor camera that Raven was moving boxes of her personal items into their son's room, so he told his housesitter to move those boxes into the garage.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

According to the legal documents, Freddie says that Raven became highly upset and to retaliate against him, she keyed the words "F*ck You" into his Mercedes-Benz. Then, Freddie accuses Raven of obtaining his girlfriend's contact information and pelting her with texts that the rapper was unfaithful. A judge granted Freddie's restraining order request and Raven now must stay at least 100 yards away from the rapper, his girlfriend, and his daughter that he shares with another woman. However, the former couple will have to figure out joint custody of their son because a judge reportedly denied Freddie's request for sole custody.