Fans know that part of the appeal surrounding Freddie Gibbs is his unabashed authenticity. There's something about the way he carries himself, both on the mic and in interviews, that exudes a sense of wisdom. In other words, he's seen some shit. 

Gibbs recently stopped by The Breakfast Club for an in-depth discussion with Charlamagne, Angela & Envy. While Gibbs' is still enjoying the critical success of his latest album You Only Live 2wice, the shadow of his harrowing brush with the law still looms overhead. In this interview, Gibbs talks openly about his experience being falsely accused of sexual assault, in which the accusations stemmed from "a dream," of all things.  It's an emotional interview, and for those invested in the man behind the music, it's certainly revealing to hear him speak so openly on his experience. 

Freddie also talks about his Muslim faith, and how weekly visits to the mosque helped change his outlook on life, as well as his upcoming music. Check out the full talk below.