Earlier this month, while on tour in Europe, Freddie Gibbs was arrested in France as the suspected perpetrator of a rape that had allegedly taken place in Austria some time in 2015. He was arrested in France, right before he was about to take the stage at the Rex in Toulouse. 

He has been in a French jail until today, as his lawyer has now reported, via the Daily Mail, that a French court has ordered that Gibbs be released on €50,000 ($56,000). His release comes a week before his extradition hearing on June 23. 

After appearing in court last week, Gibbs' lawyer stated that his client "categorically denies the allegations made against him by Austria and is even very surprised that Austria is taking this on a year later, just as he is on tour in Europe." 

Gibbs will presumably remain in France until he awaits next week's court date, when he'll face the prospect of being moved to a jail in Austria.