While many of the game's most prolific artists have delivered quality albums this year, Freddie GibbsYou Only Live 2wice remains an underrated gem. Boasting some excellent lyricism, a concise run-time, and a diverse array of quality instrumentals, Freddie's first release as a newly-free man has managed to fly largely under the radar. Hell, "Amnesia" alone is one of the year's most hypnotizing bangers thus far. And even before You Only Live 2wice dropped, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib were earning some serious critical acclaim for their Piñata project, which found Madlib handling the entirety of the album's production. In fact, the duo had such undeniable chemistry that it was only a matter of time before they linked up for a second effort, the yet-to-be released Bandana.

While Freddie has been teasing the Piñata followup for a minute, he recently sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for a radio interview. When asked about his location, Freddie's response is pure Gibbs, telling Zane "I'm in the desert somewhere, you ain't gon' know where I'm at, I never give you my mothafuckin' location." As the conversation continues, Gibbs reveals he's actually hard at work on his upcoming project. “I’m working on Bandana right now,” says Gibbs. “It’s actually almost done. I think we’re back in the mixing process right now, but it’s definitely coming soon. I can’t tell y’all when we’re ‘gon drop it, but we’re just gon’ hit y’all out the blue.”

Not only did Gibbs tease his new project, but he also shared a new collaboration with producer Lophiile called "Off Top," which you can check out by hitting the related link above. It's pretty different from anything Gibbs and Madlib ever cooked up, but Freddie proves his versatility and absolutely destroys Lophiile's energetic beat. Stay tuned for all things Freddie Gibbs right here.