In a new interview with LA Weekly, Freddie Gibbs casually mentioned that he buys two guns a month.

“I had 50 guns, now I have 100,” he said. “I’ve bought two guns for every month that she’s been alive. It’s brought out the protector in me.”

Freddie Gibbs and his fiancee Erica Dickerson, daughter of former NFL running back Eric Dickerson, welcomed their first child Irie back in April. His daughter is 3 months old, so while his math is a bit off, it's not hard to believe that Gangsta Gibbs owns 100 guns.

Also of note from the profile: Gibbs has his own personal strain of weed called "Freddie Kane." “I want to open up a Freddie Kane lounge where you can come and smoke,” he said. “Make it a tourist attraction.”