2021 has been the biggest year of Freddie Gibbs's career so far. Coming off of the success of Alfredo that earned him and The Alchemist a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album, the Gary, IN native has been steadily teasing the release of his forthcoming album, SSS. Though no release date has been set, it appears that he has even bigger plans outside of music this year.

 Michael Bezjian/Getty Images 

Gangsta Gibbs revealed that he would be making his acting debut in the upcoming film Down With The Kingdirected by Diego Ongaro. The rapper takes on the leading role of Money Merc, a rapper seeking to make his departure from the music industry. Merc is sent to the Berkshires to record his next album when he forms a bond with a neighbor who leads him towards farming. 

Down With The King will be making its world premiere later at this year's Cannes Film Festival as part of the ACID (Association For Independent Cinema and its Distribution) section. 

Freddie Gibbs and I worked intimately together to craft Mercury’s character and backstory; some of it pulled from Freddie’s experiences and values, much of it invented,” Ongaro told Complex earlier this year. “It was an absolute thrill working with someone as sharp and multi-talented as Freddie in this collaborative way.”

We'll keep you posted on more details surrounding Down With The King. Cannes Film Festival takes place from July 6th to 17th.