Frank Ocean is one of the most reclusive artists of his generation. Preferring his privacy, the artist is often not seen in public and rarely releases new music. When he does release a project or even a single, it's a special occasion as he is one of the greatest talents in music today. Frank's last full-length release came in the form of 2016's Blonde, an ambitious project that ended the year on many top 10 lists. Lorde's Melodrama Tour kicked off in Milwaukee last night and, to the surprise of the crowd, her setlist included a cover of Frank Ocean's Blonde track "Solo."

The New Zealander began the song with a similar tempo to the rapid vocal track, nailing Frank's lyrics and giving the song her personal touch. As the song progressed, Lorde slowed it down a shade, putting her own spin on the track yet still doing it justice. Frank Ocean performances are hard to come by and when he is slated to perform anywhere, there's bound to be a huge crowd, but a nice alternative is hearing his music performed live as covers. 

A Frank Ocean sighting may soon be in the works as Rich The Kid hinted that the singer may make an appearance on his album The World Is Yours. While we wait for that possibility, check out the impressive, energetic cover below.