It's a debate as old as time (or at least 2016): Channel Orange or Blonde? As Frank Ocean's only two studio albums of his career, they are often pitted against one another as folks argue over which body of work ultimately reigns superior over the other. While Channel Orange served as his debut, fans had to wait four long years for Blonde, which made its final arrival much sweeter than it might have been otherwise. Although both are widely regarded as high quality bodies of work, most fans typically prefer one over the other, even if only by a little.

Frank Ocean Katonya Breaux Riley mom channel orange blonde prefer choose better albumsJason Merritt/Getty Images

Among those fans are the woman who birthed the artist: Frank's mother, Katonya. On Wednesday, Katonya was asked by poet and writer, AJ Addae, during an interview over Instagram live which of her son's two albums she prefers more. Like so many of Frank's most diehard supporters, Katonya was able to finally settle on one, but it wasn't without some major hesitation and internal debate.

"Blonde. No wait. They were both so good, this is crazy," Katonya noted, struggling to choose. "But I will probably say Blonde. I love 'Pink + White.' OK, Blonde."

Frank Ocean Katonya Breaux Riley mom channel orange blonde prefer choose better albumsLarry Busacca/Getty Images for TIME

"Why Blonde?" AJ pressed. Katonya went on to name all the songs she loves off Blonde in response. "Because I love 'Pink + White' and Beyoncé's on 'Pink + White,'" she explained. "And I love 'Nights,' oh my god...and oh 'White Ferrari!'"

AJ tweeted that she'll be transcribing the full interview and printing it in the May issue of her monthly newsletter, which is dropping in a few days. You can go to the link in her bio to subscribe and be notified when the newsletter is released.