There are people that make a living off of reselling limited-edition goods. Many of us have fallen victim to the rising prices of sneakers on the resale market but when it comes to artist merchandise, there is also a buck to be made. With someone as elusive as Frank Ocean, not much content comes out on a yearly basis so when he offers free merch, you know it'll be pretty high demand. He returned to his Blonded Radio show yesterday for a few hours of midterm election fun and, in order to encourage voters to make their way to the polls, he offered free gear at four different locations. According to Complex, the t-shirts went like hotcakes and some are being sold on the aftermarket for high prices.

It was bound to happen. Couple the words limited-edition with Frank Ocean and people will go insane. Frank's last album Blond is still on repeat and as we hope for a new project sometime soon, new merch will do for now. People are trying to capitalize on the exclusivity of the product given to voters as some shirts have been listed on eBay for up to $375. The tees were printed on Gildan so that price point makes literally no sense for most of us. It will probably be worn out by the end of the year. However, some people really wanted it and shelled out the cash as the "42%" merch has already sold from some listings.

If you're looking for one of the tees, you'll need to go deep into your bank account.