As we await the Frank Ocean interview Zane Lowe reportedly flew to Tokyo to do, the first interview we've seen from Frank in years has made its way out following his visit to the White House state dinner. 

Frank spoke to reporters on his way into the dinner with his mother, who asked him -- of all things -- about his shoes. "[Are you wearing] Vans to the State Dinner?" asks the reporter, commenting on the singer's choice to wear checkered slip-ons to the ritzy event. "First time doing it. Probably because this is my first time here," he replied, explaining his choice as, "You can’t think. You just have to do things."

Frank was then asked about whether he'd be backing a presidential candidate with a concert, at which point he seemed antsy to get out of the impromptu interview. "Concerts, probably not," he said, acknowledging how long it had been since he'd spoken to press. "We’re running out of time I think. I might have to catch you in four years."

Watch the interview below.