We noted in February that Frank Ocean fans were voicing their frustration over the delay on their Endless vinyls as they had been waiting since pre-ordering in November. Although his fans may have been eager to receive the physical copies by mail, their wait is finally coming to an end this week as people have begun to receive their copies. Nearly 6 months following the initial announcement of vinyl, cassette and CD versions of the album, fans are taking to social media to share photos of the cover art of the 2016 project.

On top of getting to finally receive their collectible Frank Ocean pieces, the vinyl reportedly includes an extended version of the track "Mitsubishi Sony," which, in itself, is likely enough to satisfy the extensive wait for some fans. Supporters of the reclusive artist proudly showed off their copies on social media, letting everyone know that the vinyls are on the way if you haven't already received them. The holographic artwork had not previously been seen as the album was exclusive to Apple Music as a video. Additionally, orders were fulfilled with two double-sided posters of Frank that were photographed during the making of the album.

If you ordered the vinyl version of Endless, have you received your copy? If so, was it worth the wait or does the delay put you off of ordering from Frank's webshop again?