The wait is almost over. Let's hope so, at least. There had been hints that Frank Ocean's sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry -- the follow-up to 2012's Channel Orange -- would arrive some time during the month of July. Though it feels like Ocean himself hasn't said a peep about the long-awaited project, the clamor surrounding Boys Don't Cry has dominated social media for the past month, especially last night, as July became August and there was no album to show for it. Fans' grievances, however, were alleviated early this morning, as an Apple Music-hosted video appeared on Ocean's website. The video, reportedly a loop of a visual art project by Francis Sorano, didn't give us much to work with, though it suggested that Ocean was up to something -- perhaps involving Apple Music. Now, Ocean fans can rejoice in a manner that they haven't experienced in years. A reliable source, The New York Times, reports that Boys Don't Cry will be released this Friday, August 5, as an Apple Music exclusive. 

According to the NYT, the release of Boys Don't Cry is expected to be accompanied by a "major video and a printed publication called 'Boys Don't Cry' that will be distributed at Apple store." Four. More. Days. Don't let us down, Frank.