Frank Ocean is still dealing with a tension-filled battle with his previous producer, Om'Mas Keith. The center of the dispute stems from his third studio album, Blonde, which recently resurfaced into the Billboard 200 charts two years after its release. The producer says Ocean stiffed him from co-writing credits while the "Pink & White" singer would rather not even dignify the ongoing disagreement legally. 

Keith claims to have co-written a significant number of songs found on the 2016 album that went platinum last month. Since the producer took a legal route for his concerns, Frank Ocean is counteracting through his own court filing that requests Keith's lawsuit to be thrown out completely. Apparently, the singer claims the pair never had a deal pertaining to co-writing credits of the sort.

A one-time fee was allegedly paid to the producer for his work on Blonde. Keith, however, refused to sign the document that stipulated such an agreement. He claims "enormous and irreparable harm" as the reason for his seeking additional financial compensation. 

Their working relationship is most likely a thing of the past at this point, even though Keith used to have great things to say about his collaborator, calling Frank “one of the classiest guys you’ll ever meet.”

"Frank and I are always involved. I love working with him.”