It's been a while since Frank Ocean blessed us with Blond and Endless, prompting mass speculation as to when he plans on dropping some new music. We don't expect much from Frank in terms of an official announcement. Something will probably pop up out of the blue and when it does, we'll all take a break to allow the tears of happiness to stream down our faces. The Odd Future member moves with such secrecy but recently, he made his Instagram profile public, giving fans a rare peek into his life. Previously, Tumblr was the only social media platform he used. Frank appears to be working on new music, which is incredible, and he's shared a photo of himself at work in the studio.

By no means does this point to the fact that Frank Ocean plans on releasing new music soon. To be completely honest, he's probably just recording things to keep himself entertained as he curls up in his bunker home, or wherever he lives. There's also some Inception shit going on as the post shows a picture of a picture. The edges of the printed photograph show on the sides as he wanted to document the moment in its physical form.

Hopefully, this means that something is coming. We're crossing our fingers but not necessarily expecting anything.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images