Frank Ocean worked with plenty of notable producers and songwriters on his Grammy award winningChannel ORANGE. The album sported beats and contributions from Pharell, Tyler, The Creator, and Andre 3000, but Frank's preferred working partner is Malay, who has writing credits on 13 of the album's 17 tracks.

"Lost", one of the many songs Malay co-wrote, is the subject of a new lawsuit from fellow producer and songwriter Micah Otano. Otano, who shares a writing credit on the song, is accusing Malay of taking full credit for production on the cut, which he claims he had a hand in.

Otano says that "Lost" was lifted from a song the two producers had previously worked on together titled "Daylight". He is seeking royalties and damages for his lack of credit.

In other Frank news, he is already well into his follow up album, which will likely see him working with Malay once again.