To say the anticipation for Frank Ocean’s sophomore album is palpable is like saying summers in Atlanta are kinda hot. So when Frank makes any appearance, even just to walk past the livestream camera located at Apple’s headquarters, it sends the internet into a frenzy. Which brings us to the most recent Frank Ocean sighting. The video below was shot by A$AP Rocky and shows a person who looks unmistakably like Frank Ocean leaning out the window of a car as the A$AP Mob rapper asks “DO YOU WANT TO RACE?” Frank Ocean’s response? “Let’s do it.”

Frank quickly pulls ahead, but this isn’t exactly a heated competition. You can even hear Frank politely notifying his (very hyped up competitor) Tyler, The Creator that “it’s a green light, guys.” The video was allegedly shot in Los Angeles, which means Frank is nowhere near Apple’s headquarters and gives us no sign as to whether or not his album is closer to being finished. For what it's worth, the good (if obsessive) people over at the Frank Ocean subreddit also noted that Frank visited an Apple store in LA with Kendall Jenner before Rocky shot the video. Why does Frank need to go to the Apple store when he has his own office at their headquarters?

Other collaborators on Boys Don’t Cry continue to point to the singer as the sole holder of the keys to the release. One of his producers Malay simply explained that “art cannot be rushed” in a Reddit AMA, and Lil B told Dazed Digital, “let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material.”

And so we continue to wait.