Frank Ocean has appeared in the news lately, although it hasn't had to do with new music from the singer. Rather, his name has been circulating because of a Chipotle lawsuit over a commercial track that Ocean never ended up doing, despite taking an advance for it. The r'n'b singer has since settled the matter.

Today we've got news relating to actual music from the Channel Orange singer. Back in November, Ocean posted on his Tumblr that he was getting back to work although we haven't seen much evidence of that (however, he did appear on Converse's record with The Clash and Diplo recently, "Hero"). Today photographer/videographer Nabil posted a flick of Ocean in the studio, and revealed that he was working on his sophomore album. "Frank in the lab.. Making sophomore album game", Nabil captioned the photo.

Ocean has deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, so the details we have on this solely come from his Tumblr/Nabil. 

Download "Hero" if you missed it here. We'll keep you posted when more details surface on Ocean's new album.