Forever 21 has a reputation for ripping off designer clothing and merch. Just last month, the store was accused of mimicking both Kanye West's Pablo merch and Rihanna's Puma sneakers.

Now, it's Frank Ocean who is taking issue with Forever 21. After it was pointed out that the store's "Pop-Up Shop" sign bore a striking resemblance to the font used on Frank's 2016 album Blonde, the singer responded in a Tumblr post.

Pitchfork reports that Frank shared the photo of the store front with the caption "😳 uhh," as well as a hashtag that read "#cease&desist" on his Tumblr. The post is still visible, though it has been edited just to show the emoji. View a screencap of the original post (via Pitchfork) below.

Frank Ocean recently appeared on A$AP Rocky's new single "RAF." Listen to it here.