A prospective music video for "Moon River," the Frank Ocean cover that encircled the Internet on Valentine's Day, 2018, could be a reality tucked away somewhere. A diligent Redditor named "ProbablyNotJoel" brought the possibility to light in a thread which has since reappeared in several other subforums on the site. The evidence speaks for itself: Darren Lew, a well-regarded cinematographer with credits on David Bowie, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Phoenix, and Beyonce music videos has updated his CV to reflect a contribution on a Spike Jonze-directed music video for Frank Ocean's "Moon River," which he lists as a done deal. See for yourself here.

Frank Ocean could very well be sitting on the final edit of Jonze's directorial cut with no plans to let it air. The stand-alone track was released nearly 8 months ago, and the YouTube drop remained the last we heard of anything of his lineal projects, excluding Frank's select appearance on Astroworld and Testing. Even Spike Jonze has kept his mouth shut regarding the existence of a "Moon River" music video. I don't have to remind how impactful the mere suggestion of new Frank Ocean material is to his easily-fractured fanbase, and to the whole Internet on a whole.

Will this shrewd discovery push him to release the video, or is it merely mispronunciation on the part of cinematographer Darren Lew?