Frank Ocean's long-awaited follow-up has been rumored to be released since July of last year, and within those long 12 months, the singer's fans have been looking for any kind of clue as to where the reclusive songwriter and his anticipated project might be. Today, a major hint has come straight from the source, as an image that points to a July release date has appeared on Ocean's official website.

The cryptic image shows a library card labelled Boys Don't Cry with numerous stamps, indicating various due dates. These dates begin with July 2nd 2015 (which coincides with Frank's first announcement), and conclude with "July 2016". Of course, the first takeaway from this image would be to assume that Frank is getting ready to put out the album this month. While it's impossible to say for sure, a post from Frank's brother, Ryan Breaux, further suggests a release this month. His Instagram caption of the same library card photo reads BOYS DON'T CRY #JULY2016.

Unfortunately, there is no specific date mentioned, so fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed. Is Frank for real this time?