Frank Ocean's sophomore album is reportedly slated for a late 2014 release, and the singer has decided to switch up his management and publicist leading up to the album's rollout.

According to Buzzfeed, Ocean has parted ways with Christian and Kelly Clancy, who currently manage Odd Future, and their hardcore stepbrothers Trash Talk. The Channel Orange singer has been with the couple since 2010, but has now moved to a new, still unnamed management team.

Frank also shared a publicist with Odd Future, known as Life or Death PR, but has now decided to move to a Hollywood-based agency called ID PR. ID hosts a variety of big-name clients, including Alicia Keys, Paul Simon, Jennifer Lawrence and Sean Penn.

No word on why the singer chose to switch up his representation so drastically and suddenly, but if nothing else, it suggests that the album is around the corner. According to acclaimed music director Nabil, who's been working closely with Frank recently, the album is shaping up to be something special. “He’s making a great record. It blows the sophomore-album myth out of the water,” he says.