Frank Ocean is an anomaly. He exists in rumors and his life is the stuff of legend. Rare is the day fans actually get a chance to hear from the revered artist, and yesterday was one of those days. It was only last November when Ocean opened the gates of his Instagram to the public. Fans flocked in and painstakingly scoured through years of posts that had only been seen by a fortunate few. He’s one of the greatest artists of our generation, and also, the man pictured below.

That’s right. The purple and pink camouflaged du-rag, grills, and matching pink shirt all belong to one of the greatest artists of our generation. Presented with no comment other than a simple “😬” emoji, Frank lets the commentators here do the talking. Tyler, the Creator writes, “that NOLA seeping out.” Sage Elsesser wrote, “maaaan why I thought you had on a velvet rag 📶.”

Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of Frank Ocean’s magnum opus, Blonde and, in conjunction, the release of his underrated classic, Endless. Both albums are masterpieces in their own right. Make sure to check out our look back at the iconic albums that have more than defined Frank Ocean’s career.