The summer of 2016 was an exciting one for Frank Ocean fans. Not only did the artist release Endless, he surprised us just a day later dropping Blonde to extensive critical acclaim. Prior to the releases, we were also blessed with a live stream of Frank honing his craftsmanship skills and building a staircase which, while somewhat strange, kept fans intrigued with the enigmatic, curious album nature of everything. Although Blonde was the focal point of the two releases, Endless has hauntingly beautiful instrumentals and lush tones that fans could not possibly ignore.

When the vinyl went up for sale on Frank's website in November, fans jumped at the opportunity to make it part of their collection. Frank had also offered physical copies on VHS and CD/DVD on the site. Fans received confirmation e-mails that the vinyls were expected to be shipped in 6-8 weeks and, after 11 weeks, many fans are wondering when they will receive their copies.

The reclusive artist is rarely in the public eye and his appearances are kept at a bare minimum. While there was likely a large influx of orders to fulfill, Frank tends to do things on his own watch, taking his time and keeping a comfortable pace. Although fans may be restless for the time being, when they receive their packages in the mail, their minds will be at ease and things should be back to normal.

[via Pigeons & Planes]