Frank Ocean wants to make it clear. He's not actually 5'10". That's just what is incorrectly listed on his Wikipedia page. In an effort to improve his life in the future, the Odd Future singer wants everyone to know that he is actually a touch over 6 feet, clarifying that fact in his GayLetter interview. It's rare to see Frank Ocean doing any press. With seemingly nothing to promote at the moment, the young artist has kept quiet for the last several years. Since the release of Blonde, we've barely heard from him. According to Ocean though, he's been out and about. Now, he's actually trying to give more interviews to let his fans in.

Sitting down with GayLetter Magazine, Frank Ocean told the publication, which focuses on queer art in New York City, about what's been going on in his life recently. He revealed that, much like any other period in his career, he's been recording at the studio and dividing time between NYC and Los Angeles. Speaking on his complicated label situation, Frank touched on his mindset making Endless and Blonde before escaping his Def Jam contract. 

"[Boys Don't Cry] was at the same time the records [Endless and Blonde] were being worked on, and in the same timeframe I was trying to close out this label situation I had going on. And also my Apple deal, which all eventually happened. Some of those things — particularly the Universal thing [Universal owns Def Jam, his former label] — was taking forever. So we kept working on the magazine with everyone, all the graphic designers, all the photographers, the illustrators, the art directors, stylists and makeup artists, all their agents — love them too. [Laughs] I was so high-strung over the record and all the business shit around it, the magazine was a reprieve. It stopped me from feeling like my life was on pause because of those things. It made me feel like my life was very much being fully experienced."

Frank also speaks on how A$AP Rocky flubbed some of the details when discussing the singer's label situation with Angie Martinez. "I don’t even remember what he got wrong, but I remember what was correct," said Frank. "When I heard it I laughed, because I was like, It would be Rocky who would say that, ’cause I probably would never have given the real, explicit version of it. Me and him talked about it once, right after all that happened, when we were just having a conversation about the business. There was certainly noise within the industry about it, like Universal saying no more exclusives could happen afterwards. So I was being asked about it, and I didn’t really talk about it too much with people. But with Rocky, we spoke about it."

Robert Kamau/Getty Images