This year's been relatively quiet for Frank Ocean on a musical front but it's to be expected. After dropping two critically acclaimed albums last year, one of which that landed on numerous year-end lists, he went back to being an enigma in the music industry. Back in October, Frank Ocean beat his father's $14.5 million defamation lawsuit against him in court. However, on a new post on his Tumblr page, it seems like he's found a new one.

Most times we really hear from Frank Ocean outside of music is when he decides to hit Tumblr. Today, he hit Tumblr after presumably watching "Call Me By Your Name" to declare leading actor, Michael Stuhlbarg, his new dad. "MICHAEL STUHLBARG IS MY NEW DAD NOW AND THAT’S THAT." he wrote on his Tumblr page. While the singer didn't mention Stuhlbarg's latest movie, "Call Me By Your Name," it's likely that's what he's referencing. There's a scene in the movie when Stuhlbarg's character embraces and accepts his son's sexuality and offers him some encouraging words. The scene was wildly praised by critics and clearly, by Frank Ocean as well. 

While Frank Ocean hasn't dropped much music this year, he has teased it a whole lot. At the tail end of November, he again came onto Tumblr to reveal that he had an album completely finished but there isn't much to say on when it'll be released. In addition to that, it was also revealed that he has his own radio station on "Grand Theft Auto V."

Hopefully, we get more muisc from Frank Ocean this upcoming year.